Currently not available due to COVID-19

Given that we are a family with two working parents, the high quality after school enrichment programs offered at the school site truly make WPL a one stop shop! Private piano lessons,  athletic leagues that practice on site, tennis lessons, chess club, girl scouts, architecture club...the options are endless! 

Nathan C., parent

West Portal Lutheran School continually updates it's after school enrichment programs based on those programs that are best fit for our students and their families. Due to COVID-19 we are currently distance learning and do not offer any enrichment programs.  These are some of the enrichment programs that we have offered in the past:

WPL Music program.png

Grades K-8

WPL Music Academy

An important part of life at West Portal Lutheran Church and School is the fantastic after school music program offering private instruction for children ages K-8. The instructors are highly trained in their respective areas with most possessing a Masters in Performance Degree. The lesson fees are very reasonable and the lessons are located either at the Sloat or Sunset campuses.

WPL Music Academy

tree frog treks.png

Grades K-8

Tree Frog Treks

Become a Planet Earth Explorer with the scientific team from Tree Frog Treks as we journey to the world’s most interesting habitats! Meet our amazing animal ambassadors from the deserts of Australia, the rainforests of South America, and the jungles of Southeast Asia. We’ll make models of the ocean’s currents in miniature, and create flaming lava tubes as we discover what makes volcanoes so powerful. Our journey will take us from the hottest desert to the coldest Arctic tundra - and we’ll learn how animals and plants have adapted to live in these extremes.


We’ll test all our senses as we learn about the super stars of the natural world. Can you find your way through a maze using echolocation like a bat? How about leaping far enough to catch your prey like a big cat? Can you use your nose to pick out all the products we use that come from the rain forest? Let’s find out! Planet Earth is the most amazing place, and we can’t wait to explore with you!

Tree Frog Treks


Age 6-12


The students learn safety and the basic rules of fencing. They will be introduced to basic footwork and actions. They spend the rest of the session playing a variety of games to let them apply what they have learned.

Coach Al Carter

young genius.png

Grades 4-8

Bay Area Speech and Debate Academy

Young Genius, Bay Area Speech and Debate Academy is a Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) acceredited program that conducts one of the most renowned speech and debate programs in the country.

In Congressional Debate students will debate topics of current interest. During the course students will learn:

• research

• critical thinking

• persuasive writing

• cross-examination

• active listening

Young Genius

PE Games.png

Grades K-3

P.E. Games that Rock!

Join your friends for some team games in our school gym! Learn to play “Space Invaders”, “Rescue 911”, “Battleship”, “Storm the Castle”, “Spy Kids”, “Going over the Hedge” and more. Develop fundamental throwing, catching, kicking, balancing, movement, cooperation and team building skills all while enjoying playful, organized activities.

Ronda Bouyea

Grades K-5

Mandarin Class

San Francisco Chinese Academy/Mei Jia Chinese Learning Center is a multi-faceted Mandarin language and Chinese cultural learning center. We maintain a very low teacher-to-student ratio so that each student will have individualized instruction. Many students in our program have passed the AP Chinese Exam, continued Mandarin as a language subject in college, and won many awards in Chinese calligraphy and poetry contests, such as the Chinese Bridge Cup Recital and Calligraphy Contests, and CLTAC (Chinese Language Teachers Association of California) Mandarin Speech Contests, etc.

Mei Jia Chinese

Grades K-5

STEM FUNdamentals with Lego

Master your engineering skills with Play-Well TEKnologies and tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture through engineerdesigned projects such as: Boats, Snowmobiles, Arch Bridges, and Battletracks! Design and build as never before, and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Play Well

creative architecture.png

Grades 4-8

Creative Architecture

In this program we introduce disciplines of architecture and design to kids, to nurture their talents and interests, and encourage interdisciplinary pollination of
STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) topics. Every week, children will build 3-D monuments of their designs with wide range of materials.

Children of Bisheh

I Can Sew.png

Grades 2-3

I Can Sew 

Jump in and learn to sew, embroider and knit with easy and fun projects! We will start with simple stitches, learn to sew buttons onto our projects, and work towards more advanced stitches such as the French Knot and the Blanket Stitch.

Projects ideas include making your own: 

  • Drawstring backpack 

  • A set of juggler’s bean bags 

  • A zombie pincushion 

  • A T-shirt that you design with a colorful embroidered ice cream cone 

  • A secret pocket animal pillow 

  • Bookmark snakes 

  • Knitted friendship bracelets

  • and many easy to do creations

Project choices will be based on the development of the group’s skills and intended to be of interest to both boys and girls. 

Ronda Bouyea


Grades K-3, 4-8

Chess Club (Gr K-3, 4-8)

The Mechanics' Institute Chess Club is proud to be the oldest chess club in the United States, having been established in 1854. We are proud of its rich history and legacy.

Our enrichment program focuses on two important areas with our fun chess classes:

  • Developing chess skills: Teaching chess to beginners and providing advanced instruction to experienced players, thus improving critical thinking and problem solving in a fun and supportive atmosphere. 

  • Developing social and emotional skills: promoting good sportsmanship and learning from mistakes, skills that benefit kids beyond the chessboard.

Mechanics Institute Chess Club

art studio.png

Grades K-3

Art Studio for Kids

Join the fun! In “Art Studio for Kids,” we will draw, paint, print, and sculpt! The children will create masterpieces using clay, tempera paint, watercolor, pastels, and a variety of craft materials. All art materials, supplies & smocks are included in the tuition.

Together we will get to know great art and artists both past and present! Art time also helps children develop
concentration, problem solving, observation and motor skills. It also promotes self-expression and creativity all while having fun!

Ronda Bouyea

Engineering for Kids.png

Grades K-3

Engineering for Kids

Through our exciting and educational Science, Engineering and Robotics activities, children are empowered with hands-on tools to spark their creativity and imagination. Therefore, children discover a new world of possibilities ahead of them.

Engineering for Kids


Grades K-3

Higgins Tennis

We bring the court to you! Learn to play tennis on a smaller 36ft court with a slightly larger, slow-bouncing ball developed by the United States Tennis Association that makes it easy to rally and play right away. During class children learn stroke fundamentals including: forehands, backhands, and the basics of rallying. They incorporate what they have learned into games like "Feed the Monkeys", "Skyball", and "Castle"

Higgins Tennis

junior chefs.png

Grades 1-3

Junior Chefs

Junior Chefs will create a variety of tasty, healthy snacks, light meals and some desserts. We will be taste testing recipes and flavors from around the world!

Some favorites are Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Strawberry Crepes, Flatbread Pizza, Caribbean Fruit Smoothies, Fresh Salsa and Chips, Cinnamon Apple Pancakes, Rolled Sushi, Ice Cream made in a baggie, and Mystery Vegetables Soup! 

Ronda Bouyea