You can check off all the criteria that you look for in a Christian school at West Portal Lutheran:  solid curriculum, faith-based guidance, and dedicated teachers and staff. What I am most impressed with, however, and deeply appreciative, is a strong sense of community among WPLS families, which in my opinion is the secret ingredient to continued success of this school.

Iris A., Parent

Education in Christ’s Love  

We focus on developing students’ minds, bodies and spirits in an environment where they feel loved and cared for by our teachers and faculty. 

The Lord has asked us to bring up our children in Him (Eph. 6:4): to make disciples and teach all nations (Matt. 28:19-20); to teach His Word diligently (Deut. 6:6-8); and to grow in grace and knowledge of Him (2 Peter 3:18).

We as members of West Portal Lutheran Church and School take these commands seriously and promote various education programs which comply to the commands of the Lord.

We believe that Christian education is a part of the church’s mission to fulfill the Lord’s commands. The agencies of Christian education bring people to a distinctive relationship with their God and His Word. This relationship enables the children to become witnesses for Christ in their lives.

We further believe that the Christian elementary school provides the most effective means of nurturing the whole child through:

  • Daily Christian instruction in God’s Word

  • More opportunity for God’s Spirit to operate

  • Christian witness by teachers and fellow peers

  • A better understanding of the relationship of God to His total creation

A well rounded education​

  • Technology Program - Hands-on learning incorporates computer technology to improve innovation, complex problem solving, and creative thinking within the classroom curriculum

  • Foreign Language - Starting in 6th grade, our students are exposed to both German and Spanish.  

  • Music - Students can join the school orchestra in 4th grade and are also able to learn music through our enrichment programs, including violin, piano, and hand bells. 

  • Athletics - From physical education to competitive sports, we challenge our students to develop their minds and bodies through a physical education program. 

  • Enrichment Programs - Enrichment programs that spark curiosity and inspire students to learn in other areas of their lives. 

High School Admissions and Beyond

  • A strong history of sending students to San Francisco’s top high schools, including Lowell, Saint Ignatius, University, Lick Wilmerding, Sacred Heart, and many others. See WPL High School Acceptances.

  • Students are well prepared for high school - wherever they choose to attend.