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West Portal Lutheran School participates in the CYO Athletics League to promote physical fitness, teamwork, and social emotional development. Additionally, we offer seasonal clinics for volleyball and basketball. Download Sports Application

Fall Sports
  • Girls Volleyball

  • Cross-Country (Co-Ed) 

Winter Sports
  • Boys Basketball

Spring Sports
  • Girls Basketball

  • Boys Volleyball

  • Track & Field (Co-Ed)

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I love being a part of the WPL sports program. As an Assistant Coach of the Third Grade Girls' Basketball team last year, I had a courtside seat to observe 20 girls, many of whom had never played - or even seen - a basketball game develop individually into students and players of the game and collectively, into a team. Some had never been part of a team before. Some had never been coached before, outside of their PE class.


It was wonderful to see them develop in their knowledge of the game and their ability to perform the game's fundamentals. But even more exciting was to watch them evolve from individuals into a team, setting screens for one another, looking for the open girl, and on some occasions, executing to perfection an inbound or offensive play. It was beautiful to watch them encourage one another, to challenge each other in fun skill tests, like the Iron Fist Grip, or Dribble Knockout, raising the bar, bringing out the best in each other, and fulfilling their potential.


Their hard work and dedication - coming early and staying late - for any practice time we could get, paid off in winning seasons for both of our two teams. I know the coaches can hardly wait for the next season to begin. We look forward to watching these girls grow and mature as athletes, teammates, Christians, and young women. 

PJ R., Parent/Coach

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