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Identifies and articulates the Gospel message of salvation.
Demonstrates curiosity for a wide range of topics.
Actively listens and responds to others respectfully.
Forms positive relationships working in a group setting.
Develops an awareness of the welfare of others in the classroom, community, country, and the world and one’s responsibility in it.
Believes and confesses a personal faith in Jesus Christ.
Engages the imagination to explore new possibilities.
Shows empathy by seeing and connecting with another’s perspective.
Recognizes and has awareness of one’s role and contribution on a team as a leader and/or contributor.
Acts in consideration of others and take responsibility for choices made.
Evaluates life through biblical principles and makes choices that would honor Him.
Understands and makes connections between ideas and subjects.
Thoughtfully and effectively articulates ideas both orally and in writing.
Contributes ideas cooperatively with others in support of a shared goal.
Demonstrates courage and integrity to do the right thing.
Demonstrates a life transformed by the Gospel.
Integrates ideas and information in new ways.
Utilizes different forms of media to collect, manage, evaluate and share information.
Encourages and promotes other people’s views and ideas.
Takes care of and thoughtfully use the gifts and resources one has been given.
Exhibits the fruit of the Spirit - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.
Analyzes and solves problems in a variety of situations with different approaches.
Resolves differences and conflicts in a respectful way.
Gives and receives feedback respectfully.
Engages and serves the needs of the community.
Memorizes, understands, and applies Scripture and Luther’s Small Catechism.
Identifies how to appropriately adapt messages to different audiences.
Creates new understandings by integrating others’ ideas into one’s own.
Recognizes the Bible as a unified story about Jesus Christ.
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