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Investing in the Future

West Portal Lutheran School incorporates technology into the hands-on learning curriculum. Teachers use SMART boards in the classrooms to enhance lesson plans, and empower students with technology skills through relevant projects.

Each of our campuses have computer labs, equipped with internet-connected computers, color printers, and age appropriate software.

Beyond Technology Education Curriculum

Computer Lab is offered to all grades from K-8. The Beyond Technology Education curriculum teaches:

  • presentation design (multimedia, virtual reality)

  • creative communication (word processing, desktop publishing, blogging)

  • analytical problem solving (spreadsheets, database)

  • coding fundamentals (coding, complex problem solving)

In the 8th Grade, students take the CEO Challenge, an introduction to the principles of business startup culture and the resources available to start and grow a successful company.

CEO Challenge

CEO Challenge 2.0 is a business startup and entrepreneur technology course that will give students the opportunity to apply the tools available in Microsoft Office, Google G Suite or Apple iWork the Internet and other digital tools to build a business and provide them with a foundation in basic business startup and computing principles to help prepare them for the real business world.

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