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Faculty & Staff

Fun Facts

  • Our faculty has a wealth of experience, with an average of 14 years per teacher!

  • Our teachers have taught all across the globe from Canada to Hong Kong to Abu Dhabi.  

  • Our teachers had great motivators and mentors. Most of them were inspired by their teachers or parents to become educators.

  • All members of the faculty are driven by their faith and are passionate about spreading God’s love to their students. Off the clock, they are ministers, missionaries, and choral music composers that help further His Word.

Who is a respected composer of handbell, organ, and choral music?

Pastor Kerr

Who taught children of diplomats and ambassadors from around the world?

Judy Cairo

Which faculty members are alumni? 

We have 6 WPL alumni on staff:

  • Denise Fong

  • Kendrick Fong

  • Sherilyn Jew

  • Sherise Lee

  • Nami Murata

  • Beatrice Priest


Sherise Lee


Carole Leung

Administrative Assistant - Sloat

Cybèle Willis

1st Grade

Denise Fong

4th Grade

Andrew Bailey

Middle School

Judy Cairo

Middle School

Megumi Amano

Middle School

Janet Lee


Hannah Fox

School Aide

Margaret Finley

School Aide

Rev Curtis Binz

Senior Pastor

Yoshie Chan

Administrative Assistant - Sunset

Cynthia Chan

2nd Grade

Ion Nami Murata

4th Grade

Beatrice Priest

Middle School

Tim Dwight

Middle School

Iris Hsu


Kendrick Fong

Athletic Director / PE

Jackie Rogers

School Aide

Susan Yee

School Aide

Sherilyn Jew

Teaching, Learning, & Curriculum

Caroline Husak


Cara Hanks

3rd Grade

Jin Yang

5th Grade

Cali White

Middle School

Yadira Romero


Heather Chester


Ki Choi


Jason Tom

School Aide

George Cardiel

School Custodian

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