West Portal Lutheran School makes it easy for busy families by providing supervised care before and after school. Families have bustling schedules and need flexibility, and we offer unlimited options and drop-in (no reservation necessary) care to accommodate our community needs.


Early Morning Care


After School Care

3:15 – 6:00 PM Sunset Campus

3:30 – 6:00 PM Sloat Campus


PRICING (PER CHILD) (total annual cost and monthly cost, billed for nine months, August through April):


Unlimited EARLY MORNING care only:                                       $810.00 ($90.00 per month)

Unlimited AFTER SCHOOL care only:                                         $2,430.00 ($270.00 per month)

Unlimited EARLY MORNING AND AFTER SCHOOL care:         $2,880.00 ($320.00 per month)




Our unlimited plans are optional.  You may still send your child(ren) to early morning or after school care occasionally.  Their check-in and check-out times will be logged and we will bill you via FACTS at the end of each month.


The rate for drop-in care before or after school is $7.50 per hour or fraction thereof.  One of our unlimited options will likely benefit you if you send your child(ren) to extended care an average of at least three times per week.




You may start or stop unlimited care at any time during the school year and your charges will be prorated.  They will, however, be prorated by months used, or fractions thereof, rather than days.


Like tuition, there are no refunds of payments made for unlimited extended care once they are remitted (which is one reason we will bill all extended care monthly rather than annually or semi-annually).  Please plan accordingly.  We do not recommend paying for a full year of unlimited extended care in advance unless you are certain your child(ren) will use it.  There is no discount for early payment of unlimited extended care.




You will no doubt be wondering what to do if you are currently in possession of any paper punch cards.  We will be phasing out the use of our punch cards and not issuing any more, but EXISTING PUNCH CARDS WILL STILL BE GOOD THIS COMING YEAR (2021-22 ONLY).


You may use your existing punch cards in one of two ways:


  • For drop-in care, your existing cards will be honored at the price you paid for them and will be used as before: one punch for early morning care, one or two punches for half or all of after school care.  You will not be billed at our new drop-in rate until your punch card(s) is/are used up.  Again, existing punch cards will only be good this year, so please plan to use your cards up.

  • If you wish to enroll in one of our unlimited care options, you may turn in your existing cards to the school and you will receive credit on your FACTS billing account toward your unlimited plan in the amount of unused punches left on your card(s) (please be sure to include a note with your cards identifying your child(ren) and requesting credit toward your plan).


No cash refunds will be issued for existing punch cards unless your child(ren) is/are withdrawn or graduate(s) this year.  After the 2021-22 school year, all existing cards will be non-refundable and void.


Register here for our unlimited options for Extended Care.