Educating with Christ in San Francisco since 19XX

Computer lab is offered to all grades from Kindergarten to 8th grade.   West Portal Lutheran School believes that learning to use technology should be part of the school curriculum.  The school has a full time technology facilitator/teacher who works with grades 3 through 8 in a lab setting.  There is also a part time computer teacher to work with Kindergarten through 2nd grade on the Sunset campus.   Every student is scheduled to attend the computer lab one day a week. Our goal is to equip the students with the computing technology tools to support their academic learning in the classroom.  These tools include: keyboarding, creating graphics/text presentations/slideshows, navigating the internet, technology ethics, computer history, using Microsoft Office applications, and digital video creation.

West Portal Lutheran School has two computer labs, one at the Sunset campus the other at the Sloat campus.   The computer lab on the Sunset campus consists of computers with internet connection, color printer and appropriate software for kindergarten through 3rd grade.  The Sloat lab consists of computers with internet connections, color printers and a variety of software applications to include Office for Mac, iWork, iLife, PrintShop, and Type to Learn.  We also work with NeoBoards and digital still/video cameras.  A majority of West Portal classrooms are equipped with a SMART boards.

Students also have access to the computers after school on the Sloat campus.  On designated days, the computer lab at the Sloat campus is open for after school homework use.

2010 Best Grade School in San Francisco