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Guten Tag! Herzlich Willkommen! Lernen wir Deutsch! Hello! Welcome! Let’s learn German!

In our German program, we learn about the land of Luther, the Alps, Mozart and Beethoven, Einstein, castles, cathedrals, and fairy tales.

Using “realia” from contemporary German life, the students learn to carry on everyday life experiences in German including shopping, going to the movies, dining out in restaurants, family celebrations, among others. Our focus on grammar reinforces the lessons learned in English class.

Two years of German study at West Portal Lutheran plus, perhaps, a foreign language already spoken at home, and two years of another language at high school are sure to impress the college admission boards! Take advantage of this fun and unique opportunity offered exclusively at the middle school level here at West Portal Lutheran School to learn this important, contemporary language and join the list of distinguished alumni who have gone on to high school to become fluent in German and even won trips to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

 “Der erste Schritt fängt hier an!” – The first step starts here!


Our Spanish program for grades 7 and 8 provide our students with a foundation to further learn other foreign languages.  Spanish language learning is integrated through vocabulary building, conversation, grammar, culture and  also includes music. All Spanish students will be well-prepared to move on to high school Spanish classes and have the basics to select another language of their preference.  In additional to acquiring language skills, students also gain appreciation for another language and culture.

2010 Best Grade School in San Francisco