Educating with Christ in San Francisco since 19XX

By providing a demanding education and stressing the values of moral responsibility, self-control, social interaction, cooperative skills, honesty, good manners, good citizenship, and good sportsmanship, we prepare our students to meet the challenges of higher education and thrive in the complex world that they will face as adults.

West Portal is an academically focused school, and we challenge our students to strive for excellence in a nurturing Christ-centered atmosphere.  It is our goal to have WPLS students prepared to meet the challenges of the best San Francisco Bay Area high schools and possess the foundational skills needed for College or University education and ultimately the student’s chosen vocation.

West Portal Lutheran is committed to equipping our students with the skills they will need to be productive 21st century learners.  We work to develop a curriculum that will enable our students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, interpersonal collaboration, the ability to access and analyze information, and effective oral and written communication.  Our teachers' professional development is focused on educating the 21st century learner.

Based on the California State Curriculum and Instruction frameworks, the WPLS curriculum includes a program of traditional academic studies including language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and foreign languages (German and Spanish).  Music, art, physical education, and computer classes are also taught to enrich and balance the students’ academic experience.  These subjects are often dropped from public school curricula because of budget cuts. Students receive religious teaching through study of the Bible and Luther’s Catechism.

Our Elementary Educational Philosophy

We believe it is an exciting task to teach kindergarten through third graders as they learn to that they can read to learn!  It is our goal to provide students with a solid foundation in the basics of religion, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.  This is accomplished through a variety of age-appropriate learning experiences, including hands-on activities, which create a love for learning that will last students throughout their lives.

Special attention is given to the development of reading skills, reading comprehension, language and writing skills.  Teachers use multi-faceted approaches to ensure that children with different learning styles and developmental rates are consistently motivated to read and write at their highest level.

Our Middle School Educational Philosophy

Students in the Middle School are in transition from childhood to young adulthood. Thus, these are special, exciting years as students experience sudden bursts of growth, not only in their bodies, but also in their spiritual, academic and social lives. West Portal Lutheran strives to make these years stimulating, productive and enjoyable. We desire to be in a partnership with the student and their family as they travel through these interesting, and often, challenging years.

Our curriculum consists of core subjects, enriched with additional courses to meet the needs of our students.

The core subjects include: Religion courses which are Bible based courses studying our salvation from a historical perspective and making it come alive through a relational perspective; Language Arts where students study literature and composition; Mathematics, where courses are offered through Algebra 1, thereby allowing students to complete Calculus in high school; Science, where courses are integrated and laboratory based; and Social Studies, where 6th grade studies Geography, Latin America, and Canada, followed by World History in seventh grade and American History in eighth grade.

The Middle School also includes enrichment  programs such as German or Spanish, Physical Education, Classroom Music, and Technology.

With advanced work in all curricular areas, and strong Stanford Achievement-10 results, it is clear that our students are capable and do very well not only in our curriculum but also at the high school level. 

Our students are accepted at the most desirable High Schools in San Francisco and the surrounding communities.  These schools include: Lowell, Saint Ignatius, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Mercy, Riordan, University, Lick-Wilmerding, and Drew.

In addition, our graduates have attended prestigious colleges and universities across the United States including the University of California: Berkeley, Davis, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz; Stanford, Harvard, MIT, USC, Howard, Brown, Marquette, and Concordia University.

2010 Best Grade School in San Francisco