Educating with Christ in San Francisco since 19XX

We believe that it is important to provide an instructional program designed to develop each student’s individual strengths and abilities.  We believe that it is our purpose to provide our students excellent academic, social, emotional and spiritual preparation.  We want our students to be equipped with the tools for success when they graduate.

Our students are encouraged to use their unique gifts and talents.  Many opportunities are available for our students to share their musical ability, including becoming a member of one of our numerous musical ensembles or playing in our Chapel services.  We also have a full sports program that includes girls’ volleyball and basketball and boys’ soccer, basketball, and baseball.  We, also, encourage the students’ leadership ability through mentoring opportunities on campus and student government.

We value the partnership and relationships that develop with our families.  Realizing that the home is the primary center of student learning and living, we believe that the highest and most enduring benefits are achieved when parents, their children, and the school are devoted to the same ideals of Christian faith and life and work together as partners to accomplish them. 

2010 Best Grade School in San Francisco